Payment - Shipping Methods


Shipments are made through the company SPEEDEX Courier. The shipping cost up to 3 kg is set in Greece at 3.00 € for orders up to 60 €.

For orders over 60 € the costs are free.

1) The cost of cash on delivery is 2.00 €.
2) Within the same city, delivery the next day.
3) From city to city and in Island Greece shipments weighing up to 3 kg -> 3.00 € for every 1 kg extra you are charged 1.50 €
4) For remote inaccessible areas you are charged 2.50 €

 Payment to the Courier upon delivery of the order is also made by credit card.
 For shipments to Cyprus please contact us by phone at 22220 22502 or at [email protected]


You can pay for your products in the following ways and the following charges apply for payment:
Bank deposit costs are 0.00 €
You can use one of the following accounts:



iban: GR30 0110 3810 0000 3816 0980 108
No. Account: 381 / 609801-08


iban: GR29 0171 2850 0062 8516 0665 846
No. Account: 6285-160665-846

• Credit Card costs are 0.00 €
• You can pay for your order with your credit card. We send you the e-mail link with the amount and you pay with your debit or credit card!
• With payment with PayPal the costs are 0.00 € You can pay for your order through the secure paypal platform.
After depositing money, please send us the copy of your deposit by email to [email protected]. The order will not be sent until the amount is displayed in our account.