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The store " fashion.LAB " was founded in November 2013 in our picturesque Kimi, Evia and since then we are active in the field of marketing of women's clothing and jewelry, steadily charting our own course in retail.   

The main features of our products are the use of high quality materials, their excellent seam and of course their durability . We aim for impeccable service in a warm friendly place and always with the necessary protection measures. Unique clothes with comfortable line and special style, ideal for the needs of the modern woman. Passionate about the perfect fit, we are looking for clothes especially in the form, with impeccable quality, in small and large sizes that are addressed to all women. The different weaves, the original designs and the wide range of sizes, have made our store an ally of every woman who loves herself.           

We believe that fashion is a right not a luxury! Our online store will be constantly updated with the latest fashion trends. New receipts weekly with new and vintage clothes and jewelry. Whatever the style you have, at fashion.LAB you will definitely find something to suit you. We realize that the most important part of our success is a happy and satisfied customer and ensuring an affordable price for the consumer, so we always try to make every shopping experience unique.  

For any information or help we are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 to 14:00 and afternoon store hours 17:30 to 21:00 you can send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or e-mail at info @, otherwise call +30 2222022502.  

Company Name : KOLLIA GARIFALLIA  Company Address: Nikolaou Vogiatzis 16, PC 34003, Contact Telephone: +30 2222022502.        

Thank you very much for your support!

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